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Suvrodip Banerjee

Posted On: 16/03/2017 12:16 PM

Job Description

About Company:

Job Responsibility:

Prione is seeking a Senior Legal Counsel, who can lead the legal, secretarial and compliance team for Prione and its subsidiary (Cloudtail). This position shall focus on managing a team of lawyers, company secretaries and compliance specialists. The person shall be responsible for setting up processes for managing Contracts and Litigations, corporate secretarial compliances, draft and implement risk mitigation strategies for the Prione Group.  


The Senior Legal Counsel shall be responsible for setting up a legal framework to ensure regulatory and legal compliance, support procurement and sales operations, product compliance, licensing, training, etc. The Senior Legal Counsel will support the business teams in product development, product procurement, contract management, develop private labels and will work on a wide range of commercial matters including imparting compliance trainings, advice on licensing and regulatory requirements for product licenses like Food safety, BIS, Legal Metrology, etc. The Senior Legal Counsel will work with the Senior Management and the Board of Directors to ensure that regulatory requirements and risks are broadly understood by his stakeholders and managed; structuring, drafting and negotiating strategic agreements/alliances.  This role shall report into the CEO.


Throughout all the above tasks the Senior Legal Counsel will closely coordinate with the stakeholders and outside counsel. The Senior Legal Counsel shall also be responsible for:


  • Team Management;
  • Structuring transactions & drafting policies;
  • Overseeing the Secretarial Function;
  • Setting Up Governance Structure;
  • Advising and supporting end-to-end business of Prione Group; 
  • Act as legal advisor to the BoD and management of Prione Group;
  • Proactively advise and assist in managing important change in laws and regulation;
  • Lead the team in developing processes, policies and procedures designed to reduce legal risk and/or increase efficiency;
  • Work with support functions and business team to ensure that policies of the company are being implemented, work with business teams to ensure compliance and smooth implementation of policies and processes; &
  • Responsible for instructing and interacting with law firms.


Essential Skills


  • Competence in broad range of corporate and business laws, especially in both Indian domestic and trans-national commercial transaction and intellectual property;
  • Extensive experience and strong skills in drafting and negotiating contracts;
  • Extensive experience in analyzing and responding to regulatory and compliance matters;
  • Excellent ability to analyze and assess business processes, spot issues and propose/implement solutions;
  • Ability to function autonomously yet communicate laterally and upwardly with ease;
  • Strong legal and business judgment;
  •  Excellent written and oral communication skills in English; and
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to effectively communicate and coordinate complex issues and projects with diverse levels of management and employees.

Competency Description


  • Reliability, dependability - Works hard and does what it takes to get results and meets deadlines. Takes accountability and works well in a cross functional team.
  • Writing, speaking and listening effectively- Writes, speaks and presents information effectively, clearly and with brevity. Communicates to improve understanding, decision-making and performance. Understands the value of listening to others. Thinks before speaking. Probes to understand and confirms understanding of what is heard. Encourages others to speak.
  • Composure- Handles unexpected events calmly. Successfully copes with unintended consequences. Helps co-workers thrive in stressful situations. Identifies and manages stress due to lack of control. Acts with the highest level of professionalism and maturity during crisis situations. Looks immediately for resolution rather than placing blame.
  • Dealing with ambiguity- Able to function well in loosely structured situations. Works effectively in situations involving uncertainty or lack of information. Effectively handles multiple projects or tasks at the same time. Is open to and responds flexibly to change.
  • Open communication- Willing to ask and honestly answer the tough questions. Treats others’ opinions with respect. Fosters open communication and candid discussions. Shares information that helps others do their job well. Keeps others in the loop.
  • Company-wide perspective- Able to assess broader and deeper impact of decisions. Focuses on what is right for the company – not just what is best for the group, project or self. Does not act in ways that sub-optimize for the overall business. When possible, encourages cross-functional and cross business brainstorming and project teaming.