Terms & Conditions

We at evehires.com believe that each individual is unique and possesses unique skills.  This website is an attempt to utilize these skills to the best of individuals’ abilities and to end their search for a job of their liking.  This is an online platform for anyone who is above the age of 18 years and is looking to post a job requirement and find employees, or post a job application and find a job.  Employers/companies can register with us free of cost and can post job vacancies that they are looking to fill, while Candidates can register with us free of cost and apply to job openings at major companies in the industry.  It should be noted that we act as a platform that connects job applicants with Employers/Companies, and we owe no liability for any issues between the job applicant and the employer.


1. Registration Process

Registering with us involves providing basic information such as your name, your resume, and your email address, and creating an account by setting a password. Once users have registered with us, employers who are registered with us shall contact the applicant if their resume matches the requirements of the employer. Users can modify, update, or change the information in their account on the website without the consent of the website.

Note: Applicant information and applicant resumes shared with the website will be visible to all employers who are registered with us, apart from the ones you choose to hide your profile from.

2. Confidentiality

The information provided to the website will be confidential. These details will not be used by us in any manner to make transactions that are monetary in nature, or otherwise. In the case of a situation, being under the law which is applicable in India, if any government/legal machinery asks for such information, we will be obliged to share the information of the user to the authority seeking information on the user. 


3. Relationship

The relationship between the job applicant and the website is fiduciary in nature. We do not provide job offers from the website.  We connect job applicants/candidates with companies/employers.


4. Liability

All users of evehires.com are responsible for providing us with reliable information that is true.  The user is solely responsible for all information that is provided to the website. It is also the responsibility of the applicant to be aware of the legitimacy of the employers of the job before he or she applies for a job opening. The website will not be liable of the applicant for miscommunication of job hiring. The user is also responsible for using the website with due diligence and with utmost good faith.


5. Alerts

Registered users will receive e-mail alerts for job openings as frequently as they choose.


6. Third party sites

Users will be directed to third party sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Google plus in situations where information is to be gathered or shared by the user.

7. Disclaimer

Evehires.com will not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages or losses owing from any use of the website, or links to third party sites. The contents of the website may be subject to changes or updates without any prior notice.  We do not take responsibility for the accuracy, redundancy, or originality of the material or any contents on the site.