About Us


EveHires is an online job portal exclusively for women. We are committed to providing the best job opportunities for women through specialized job listings.Our motive behind evehires.com is to provide a platform for women to step up and take up job positions that are suitable for them, as well as a platform for companies to extend job opportunities to women and to bring diversity in the workforce.  


Our Team

Lisa Ross, Senior Recruitment Manager 

A passionate HR professional with 5 years of experience handling eniter recruitment life cylce for employee across all levels. 


Shalini Prasad, Recruitment Specialist

A dedicated professional with an interest in building the most effective workforces possible, Shalini's aim is to help businesses find their perfect hires. 


Sonali Gupta, Recruitment Manager

An enthusiastic and dedicated HR professional with diverse experience across various industries.  


Anish Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO

An exceptionally quick learner, smart thinker & dedicated HR professional with over 5 years of work experience. Having worked in two of the best names in the market Amazon & Uber. 


Vikas Sampath, Co-Founder & Director